Why Choose Us?

We know that you have a choice in how your child is educated. At CES, we are excited about learning and committed to providing a quality education for every child. We define education as more than “book learning,” for we seek to help develop character as well.

Central Elementary Pledge

Students recite the CES pledge during the morning news. This helps our students to recognize and adopt behaviors leading to success.

  • I will be responsible.
  • I will respect myself and others.
  • I will choose to learn.
  • I will allow my teacher to teach.
  • I will do my personal best.

Download CES Behavior Expectations for more details.

Character Counts

Our Character Counts program is based on the Six Pillars of Character: 
  • Trustworthiness – Being honest and reliable
  • Respect – Treating others with manners and tolerance in all you do
  • Responsibility – Doing your best and being accountable for your choices
  • Fairness – Playing by the rules and being fair to others
  • Caring – Being kind and compassionate with others
  • Citizenship  –  Doing  your  share  to  make  CES  and  our community better leading by example

Learning for the Future

Thanks to our committed, hard-working staff, we have built a program that honors your children as the great people they are now and those they will be in the future. Having technology labs in the school has made it possible for them to bring the world to their fingertips with a few strokes on the keyboard. They will be facing challenges we don’t even know about yet, and we are doing our best to prepare them.