Educational Programs

At Lawrenceburg, we are passionate about providing this support for our ESL, ELL, and Title I students. We realize that the limitations they may experience now are most likely temporary, and we can assist them to achieve higher levels of knowledge with some differentiated instruction and support.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Many of our students who are learning English as a second language benefit from teaching strategies such as cooperative learning and peer tutoring. We use these strategies and the friendly atmosphere at LPS to help foster relationships among our ESL students and their peers and teachers while they learn English.

English Language Learners (ELL)

A student who is classified as an English Language Learner is someone who is still forming the skills to communicate fluently in the English language. Not only is this the fastest growing segment of our population, it’s a segment that is becoming more diverse. Our teachers have trained to work with ELL students to increase their skill levels, so they can better understand the information they are being taught in their core classes.

Title I Programs

The purpose of Title I programs is to ensure fair and equal educational opportunities to the economically disadvantaged. Our administrators will sometimes organize special classes as needs arise. For instance, if a large number of an incoming class of students has a low reading level, Title I funds will provide for a teacher to teach a remedial reading class for those students. Those students will have quality, individualized, and large group instructional time to help them improve their skill levels.